marți, 5 aprilie 2011


And the pink turns into gray 
Whenever I feel like having you.
What is Forever?
My salvation, 
My tribute to a needy, fancy, hope
My statement in front of your judgement.
My greedy eye facing the poor souls.
My illusion inside of a mirror.
Myself  into Yourself.


Warm yellow rays inundating my solarium pocket.
A pocket of a little night and possible dawn,
All around me.
It's like ceasing my heartbeat
When I divided the world.
My dark angel is in love today.
Its blotchy shoulder waved away my fear.
Do you want me to become white?
He asked.
I shall smile to you, I shall call it joy!
White joy is taking a bow, now
A bondage of my dark side,
In no time.
My dark angel is in love,
With my white one.

Forever  - is a lie!
Like every other lie that twinkles inside.
That sky full of kites,
When you pray for a miracle.
The sound of eternity digging my ear.
So, let me breathe the last hope,
From your pocket.
Don't jump!
Not yet... 
I might survive this lie,
I might walk on the short bridge of life,
Without threads.
You are my angel, now.
My Forever angel of solitude.
Can I buy you ten minutes?
Or a cup of tea, 
Full of tingled words
That burst out, blue
A peculiar hat for this promenade.
Is coming back forever?
My flight ticket to never-ending
Is it?
The angel glow is my therapy...
Of truth.


He will come, I know he will.
Same words like "forever"
Beyond the mazed heart I shall let,
The plea of love.
He will love me, I know he will.
Like the raindrop over his pocket.
Paramount heaven of my angels....
They snatched my bleak hope,
Foggy eyes of promises searing
This promise land of Forever.
Lie to me and I shall wait forever!
The one grasping my heart 
For I believe in forever-after 
A terrible chore of dreams,
In need.


7 comentarii:

  1. Un adevar primordial pus intr-o metafora sublima!...
    Iubirea e remediul, dintotdeauna!
    Te imbratisez!

  2. acuarele@
    subscriu tie ingere, despre asta s-a tot scris veacuri...
    Si eu te imbratisez!

  3. forever, is a promise in the heart, it is the end of the beginning, the flow of love into consciousness.
    peeping into forever does bring the sadness of rememberance, the sound of the angel steps in the rain can trigger tears, but love will paint the hidden veil of humanitz with its infinite energy, releasing the forever chanting birds unto your sky in the mouth. there, thez will nest and lay those beautifull eggs that you are showing us, the parts inside your dream.

    and by giving them to the others, wings of immense beauty create a wind current that raises the sacred dust into the air, cleansing the tired eyes of the people. for those who see through the fog.

    i place my clouds as seats for your angels, so they can draw the world into the colurs of forever!

  4. Flipi@
    My metaphor, in this context, is more than simple. We have the bad habit to hang over the heavy words of the eternity.
    We do that coz we're weak and need the policy, or the certainty of love.
    Thank you for ur hope in people.


  5. "Forever" e o minciuna pe care anumite religii cresc. In frica noastra patogena de moarte, avem nevoie de promisiunea unei vieti eterne si de aceea acceptam oferta lor si ii urmam. Iar prin acest troc, ne pierdem mai toata esenta, punem egalitati in dreptul iubirii si avem asteptari care nu se materializeaza niciodata.
    Mereu cautam sa umplem un gol din noi ( fizic sau nu ), pentru ca suntem prea departe de sursa (Sine). Ca sa ajungem acolo,nu ne putem deplasa prin pasi, inainte, ci prin zbor, inapoi. Pentru ca noi ne-am miscat inainte si in jos, cand am decis sa traim aceste vieti.

    Un copil te imbratiseaza. :)

  6. Strang la piept adevarurile tale si te cuprind cu aceeasi rezonanta cand le citesc.
    Pup fruntea ta de Remus bun si luminat.

  7. Hello,

    This is the first post I read here in English.
    I'm glad for that, I know it my be too late for me to come here, but I've been shutdown for a while, I'm sorry.

    I liked the strong beginning of these words. And I maybe don't know how to comment on such words as it should to be, but I like to read them.

    Thank you for sharing this

    Best Regards,,