marți, 1 februarie 2011



 God is telling you the truth. 
He gave you the free choice and a Monday.
Oh, yeah... such a Monday.
Let's call it:
The beginning.
A good way to start with your 1st commandment.
The only God gave you the only Monday
As for you not to change it with a Sunday,
For it's another lazy God in there.
Funny, isn't it? 

You realize your new God-boss is bold, 
Has a lousy moustache
And decided to cut off your salary.
But out of respect for him,
You remember his 2nd 
And the 3rd commandment,

It's time to recall the day you realized 
That you started with a Monday.
By all means... 
With no Monday,
There is no point to the others.
Praising the 4th commandment
Is your way to go.
Yeah... right.

 When you start your weekly tasks, 
Do not forget who made you choose them.
Remember the time 
When you wanted to play piano,
But your parents pushed you
Into the lawyer thing
And made you a man.
Think about it:
What could you possible gain in a Thursday
Out of your piano lessons?
So praise the 5th and the 6th commandment.
Do not kill your parents
For destroying your dream...
'Cause you really earned your Thursday.

 Makes you wild and naughty.
Little time for next day to party...
Little time to push yourself
Out of the Monday, 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
But beware!
Your  God doesn't know about your little debouch.
So respect the 7th commandment 
Of  your Friday.
Same bullshit.

Don't steal from your God-boss pocket 
When he throws you out 
Like a piece of garbage...
Telling you he doesn't need another Monday.
At least not from you...
You can also blame the law 
For such injustice it put you through...
After 40 years of Monday.
But do remember 
The 8th and the 9th commandments,
When you'll die in poverty.
So... hilarious!

 When sadly reached back home
After no job, no money, 
No food, no direction, no God...
You still have one last hope:
But what can you do 
When you see a letter from your "Love",
Over the table...
In the same empty kitchen,
With the same pen next to it.
You know...
The pen your boss gave it to you
In a Friday...
To write down your resignation.
 All you can do
Is to remember the 10th commandment
And realize it's your God-boss way
 To make you pure and wise,
In this life.
What a blessing, isn't it?

And if  God loves us all...
And gave us the commandments 
With the same love...
Since when "love" needs rules?
Isn't it marvelous to obey his rules,
In such a brainless manner
Having our tide-up hands, 
When facing a real world out there...
A world that doesn't fit at all
This great Decalogue...
Made-up for a 7 day lousy calendar.

6 comentarii:

  1. Dumnezeu ne iubeste pe toti...imi place ideea cu zilele saptamanii e geniala!:):X

  2. and all this turmoil for a state of dependance towards time and sequence and physical state of being.
    for in essence, even if revealed, there is no difference between the first and the last day, nor the 1st and the last, alpha and omega.
    nor does love fall under the consequences of a human written commandment. no wings for a flight that begins inside and expands to infinity.
    a song of light sparks on the keyboards of the piano.

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