duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011


[...] and the Puppeteer of this world 
looked at me and said: 
Do you want to be a bird 
on the wire?
just a simple doll...
tangled between the threads?

by Celestine Mihaela


My little creature of divine
These threads are but your useless way.
To perish and to struggle?
A piece of work,
Might say...
I played it on the stubble.


You put my character on stage,
No longer wasted scene of love...
Do realize his blink of rage,
A hand in glove!
Oh, no... poor soul 
Do stop!
 It is your dream of man, 
Your little pawnshop.

This scene I played so many times
Don't crash into your hands of crimes.
Don't let this dream to pierce your soul
 You stepped over your only sole.
Now wait...
It's time for praying and for love
I made this world of...
I shall and I shall not deny
The comprehension of  my cirque.
It took me seven days to work
Not to decry,
My piece of work.

I lied myself by gratitude of man
For I regard my love 
To be the liaison of my plan.
He thought of me by playing in my yard,
And named me Puppeteer... 
Of the human bard.
And when I made this world,
My lovely cradle,
You took it all and changed
Into your label.
Those tears locked inside your pain
Made you believe I was to gain,
This world instead of my creation...
My simple plot from your damnation.


 It's time to make my dolls refrain,
From spreading out their truth of pain.
From leting out my characters
To perish...
When I became your doll to cherish.
Such pitty!
I'm ashamed.
It's not my piece of work
I blamed...
But just a joke that I disclaimed,
For I destroyed this dream.
I  sear...
Your world of dolls.
I'm not your Puppeteer!  

3 comentarii:

  1. it's not the mask we should remember
    but just
    the light
    the beacon
    that will dissolve it straight
    and shed the truth on fields
    on desks
    and into darkened rooms.
    it's fragile the dream forgotten
    it is the truth
    and in the end
    will be
    just as I am.

    your eyes that see above the sea
    will be the reason for to BE.

  2. Flipi@

    "your eyes that see above the sea
    will be the reason for to BE. "

    Ce superb a curs...
    Te am in suflet pui de om!